Summer Wars, 10/10. Thank you Toonami.

Going to cosplay as Nick Fury for a few days for a few reasons….

some debris got into my right eye and in my efforts to flush it out i scratched the surface a bit. So ill be wearing an eye patch.

naito-nii replied to your post: last night i had 1904 ffo…

sex tape? you better be dropdead gorgeous XD

Uhmmm ive been known to cause people to drop dead.. from fear.

last night i had 1904 ffollowers, i wake up and i have 2024. What I do? is there a sex tape of me out there somewhere or something? well holy shit HI people! Well i should do something for the 2k mark.

So those who dont know, the Beta for ESO has your login email plastered all over the screen. So If you show any content it would be easy for Bethesda to ban you. I wouldnt want my personal email out there in the public anyway especially if its something embarrassing like

daenarystormborn: can you tell me how you got past the loading page?? or does it just sort itself out on its own?

I was running a VPN while trying to load in. I can assume it didnt like that my vpn is encrypting my data stream. Or ESO didnt like shared IP addresses.

I’m in, for fucks sakes im fucking in!

Stuck in an endless Load loop

its beta, so I expected bugs. just not right away

swampblaze: done downloading ESO yet?

just got into the creation screen. Took a nap woke up to 1000MB left to download, Made some coffee, now gonna fuck shit up

Downloading ESO naaaoow…. Download faster damnit

No matter what improvements they have for each new Assassins Creed, you will always end up perched on a pebble and you will be dumb struck for a good 15 seconds wondering why you cant jump off said pebble.

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REMEMBER THE NDA. You lucky son of a gun :P

The dreaded NDA…. still gonna record ish tons of video clips. I may or may not gif stuff…

Elder Scrolls Online beta invite YUUUUUSSSSS